Worth the Wait

Harmony Falls Book 1

***Newly Updated and re-edited for 2024!***

Some renovations take forever...

When down-on-her-luck actress Mandy Reynolds is bequeathed property, she returns to her small hometown for a life reset. She plans to sell fast and use the money to move to LA, at least until she discovers her windfall comes with a co-inheritor: her stubborn, gorgeous ex-stepbrother, Alex Noonan.

Last time grumpy, injured architect Alex saw Mandy, she was an awkward teenaged theatre-geek. Now, she’s back, all grown up and still as frustratingly “sunshine” as she is beautiful, but he just wants to be alone to heal.

The will stipulates these two opposites must live together for thirty days before taking ownership. Only time will tell if this fixer-upper ends their long-simmering attraction for good or flips them both into the unexpected romance of their dreams.