A Dream to Build A Kiss On

A standalone sci-fi/fantasy romance

*a shot sci-fi/fantasy romance novella formerly only available as part of the Love Across the Universe Anthology*

Advanced cyborg Adam has served as a devoted assistant since the day he was created twenty-six years ago. His ordered world centers on logic and logistics, until a strong solar flare causes a glitch in his synthe-soul circuits and his normal routines are thrown into chaos. In a flash, his universe is filled with wild, dark desires that until now Adam has only imagined.

Jillian Lewis has spent her entire career in search of the rare, elusive Shadow Moondrop Orchid. She’s forsaken any semblance of a normal life in pursuit of her goal and now has the ultimate prize within her reach. By securing a coveted invitation to the fabled Dreamworld Resort, she has just three days in which to locate and record her once-a-century flower before it disappears again.

With the clock ticking, will they surrender to the unpredictability of love or will their chance at forever disappear like stardust on the summer wind?

When Hermes Met Eos

A standalone fantasy romance

***A short fantasy-romance novella formerly available only in the Crazy Little Spring Called Love anthology***

A wicked night to escape reality…

Eos, goddess of Spring and the dawn, has been summoned to Zeus’s lavish Oceanus resort—not for pleasure, but to face the wrath of Aphrodite for crimes she didn’t commit. To protect her family’s secrets, she’s willing to face the wrongful punishment—until a certain sexy messenger god sweeps her off her feet and tempts her desires on a wild escape to Manhattan.

Hermes is on the brink of launching a business venture to revolutionize the world’s delivery services and prove to the universe he’s more than just a playboy rogue. He’s worked hard to forge his new reputation based on fierce control, cool logic, and rational judgment—until a mysterious beauty on the beach brings his reckless streak to the surface once more.

One night. Two star-crossed immortals. As the evening unfolds, they discover more than just incredible passion in each other’s arms, but will their vibrant connection survive beyond sunrise?