Flesh & Fate

The Revelation Files Book 1

Love conquers all . . . but can it stop the Apocalypse?

Mira Herald’s life isn’t going to plan, barely scraping by and plagued by hellish nightmares. Plus, she has a stalker claiming to have been sent to protect the key to unleashing a prophecy: Her.

Kagan is a member of the Scion, an elite group of immortal soldiers tasked with protecting humankind. All he wants is to complete this mission and return to blissful solitude.

But when a rogue demon attacks Mira, with the backing of the Scion’s ancient enemies, they must not only work together, but trust one another completely to survive.

Failure isn’t an option when the fate of the world depends on them.

***Originally published as Seal of Destiny in 2013. Newly Updated and re-edited for 2024!***