Single Dad's Unexpected Reunion

Harlequin Medical Romance

Wyckford General Hospital Book 1

Her temporary return…
Their explosive reunion!

Hotshot plastic surgeon Cassandra is unexpectedly back in her small hometown. And stunned to see Dr. Brock again! She’s no longer the timid med student with an unrequited crush. But single dad Brock’s changed too… He’s a serious workaholic raising his daughter alone. Yet as they consult on a case together, Cassie realizes her desire is as powerful as ever. And, apparently, it’s mutual!

An ER Nurse to Redeem Him

Harlequin Medical Romance

Wyckford General Hospital Book 2

A Reason To Stay?

Flying EMT Tate is the new guy in town, but he won’t be staying long. Grief and guilt keep this ex-military medic on the move. Inadvertently becoming ER nurse Madi’s date to a charity auction should change nothing… But that’s before Tate and the usually cautious-in-love Madi share a toe-curling kiss! Is their unexpected connection the key to redeeming this haunted hero?

Her Forbidden Firefighter

Harlequin Medical Romance

Wyckford General Hospital Book 3

An Encounter That Burns Out of Control! 

Physical therapist Luna was aware of aloof firefighter Mark as soon as he arrived in town. But she’s been hurt before, so relationships are forbidden. Then on a hike gone wrong, Luna needs rescuing, and in Mark’s protective orbit, she gets a taste of how steamy things could be between them. And as the heat turns up, it gets harder to deny herself what she truly wants…

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